Effective January 1st, 2019, come join us at our NEW LOCATION!        101 Palisado Avenue, Windsor CT 

Welcome to The Music School at Sound Crossing! We believe that music is a powerful tool for transformation, community building and personal growth. We are currently located in Windsor, Connecticut, and have grown to serve students and families throughout northern Connecticut over the past 8 years. We provide comprehensive music education for students of all ages and abilities.  As of January 2015 The Music School at Sound Crossing was established as a non-profit organization and is currently the only non-profit music school in Windsor. We are committed to providing broad access to music education for all. We invite you to come and find out how music programs at MSSC can have a positive impact in your life.

Founded in the spirit of the late Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and his pioneering work in music education, The Music School at Sound Crossing (MSSC) holds that music is a language and a powerful instrument for personal and social change. We believe that music not only fosters personal growth and excellence in each individual, but that music is also an integral medium of communication, good citizenship, community building and group expression.

MSSC aims to create an inclusive school culture that fosters acceptance and respect for diversity. In doing so, we seek to deepen understanding and knowledge, promote student and staff well-being and help everyone achieve their full potential. This school is enriched by and celebrates the diversity of our whole school community.

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki said “It is necessary to be concerned about the importance of educating a really beautiful human spirit.”

The Music School at Sound Crossing’s mission is to nurture creativity and enrich potential through the language and traditions of music.

  • Last year 25% of all students at MSSC received financial support through scholarship, work-study, or participation in the Sound Crossing Suzuki Violin outreach program.
  • MSSC provided quality musical instruments for 13 students through contributions toward instrument rental fees or donated instruments.
  • Over the past 10 years MSSC has provided grant-funded Suzuki music education programs for over 100 students in public schools through the Sound Crossing Suzuki Outreach Program.
Our goal is to continue to boldly expand access to music education!

But we can’t do it without you! This year our need is greater as we work to sustain the Sound Crossing Suzuki Outreach Program and strive to provide increased access to music education. I’m asking you to shine a light into the life of a child. Give the gift of music this holiday season.

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Nurturing creativity and enriching community through the language and tradition of music.