We would like to welcome you to a very special place for music: The Music School at Sound Crossing! The Music School at Sound Crossing’s purpose is to provide music education and cultural enrichment within our community.

We are a non-profit family-run school which welcomes a diverse body of students of all ages and all backgrounds. We aspire to offer quality music education provided by our highly trained faculty at an affordable price. We are open year round with a variety of music programs that build and develop music skills at all levels.

We welcome family involvement and are very lucky to have invested parents and supporters who volunteer at our school.  We give back to the local community by providing donated performances at local events.

The Music School at Sound Crossing’s mission is to nurture creativity and enrich community through the language and tradition of music. 


Our Core Values

Everyone deserves access to music education.

Music is a language and a powerful instrument for personal and social change.

Music not only fosters personal growth and excellence in each individual – It is also an integral medium of communication, good citizenship, community building and group expression.

We are enriched by and we celebrate diversity within our school community.

Our Vision

Music for everyone! enriching lives, supporting families and celebrating diverse musical traditions.


MSSC Strategic Plan