Music Enrichment Workshops

Explore a new area of music this summer. Whether through learning music theory, learning improvisation, or “fiddling around”, summer is the time to grow in new musical direction


Open to violin, viola, cello and guitar students with at least 2 years’ experience playing please playing requirements below. No music reading experience required. Explore the creative process of improvisation. Learn how rhythms, scales and chords work together to allow for spontaneous musical expression.

Playing requirements
Students should be able to play the following on their instrument:

  • Violinists one octave D Major scale and two octave G Major scale
  • Violists and cellists one octave D and G Major scale and two octave C Major scale.
  • Guitarists fluency in the following chords: C-Maj, G-Maj, D-Maj, A-Maj, A-min & E-min

Mon-Wed-Fri •  August 20th, 22nd  and 24th • 5:30-6:30pm
Class fee: $55


Viola for Violinists 

Hey violinists, did you ever wonder what it’s like to play the viola? Here is your chance to find out. The similarities between these two instruments allow students to easily transfer their skills from violin to viola. However there are subtle and rich differences in tone production and technique and a whole different clef that violists read in! Recommended for violin students in Suzuki book 2 and up.

Students will be provided with violas to play and bring home to practice.

Mon-Wed-Fri  •  August 6th through 17th •  6-7pm
Class fee: $125

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Nurturing creativity and enriching community through the language and tradition of music.