Musical Fun for Everyone

Make a Sonodrum  Ages 8-12

Mon, Tues & Wed · July 17th-19th · 10:00-11:30  $75

Students will make and decorate their own drum using a sonotube building form as the base. We will use a variety of materials to build a sturdy, resonant drum and mallets. We will learn some background about drumming in various cultures and learn some rhythms to play on our newly created instruments. Register here!


Make a Rainstick  Ages 6-12

Thurs · July 20 · 10:00-11:30  $25

Make and decorate your own rainstick. Learn about rainstick folklore and explore how sounds of nature can be used to create music as well as how composers and musicians paint a soundscape that is reflective of nature. Register here!


Musical Scavenger Hunt Ages 6-12

Friday • July 21st 10:00-11:30  $20

Embark on a notable adventure! Students will become musical detectives as they use note reading skills, to  unlock clues. They will learn about various musical instruments, genres and famous composers as they hunt down the clues on their musical quest. Register here!

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