Spring Music Programs


Have fun learning the basics of guitar playing in this 9 week introductory class. Students will learn basic techniques including holding the instrument, proper left hand placement and fingering, and how to use a pick. This class will also cover note reading and rhythms in the first position as well as simple chords. Students will develop their skills by playing songs as a group. Ages 10 and up. If you don’t have a guitar let us know – a limited number of guitars are available to borrow for this class.

9 week spring session – $135 Register here

April 16th through June 18th.  Tuesdays 7-8pm

Monday class no longer available


Free trial guitar class Monday, March 26th 7-8pm!


Sound and Silence is an engaging student rock ensemble. Members take an active role in arranging, practicing and performing the music that they like and are motivated by. This is a truly unique student ensemble that not only helps students develop musically but also creates tight bonds of friendship and collaboration while encouraging personal and group expression. This group is open to all vocal and instrumental students age 13 and up. Members should have at least 1 years experience singing or playing their instrument. Ability to read music not required.

10 week spring session – $135  Register here

April 19th through June 14th. Thursdays 6-7pm

Free open rehearsal/informal auditions for new members Thursday, March 29th from 6-7pm


One of the greatest aspects of music is the art of collaboration. Being able to solve problems with others is necessary in every facet of life, and making chamber music with friends is one of the most effective and fun ways to hone this skill! Chamber music is an exciting and unique opportunity for string students to work in a small group setting. Unlike a typical large school orchestra, students will learn to work together in small groups as a team, while having the opportunity to stand out on their own individual parts. Open to violin, viola and cello students who have begun reading music and can play CMajor or GMajor two octave scale.

9 week session – $145 Register here

April 17-June 15th – Rehearsal will be scheduled on Tuesdays or Thursdays  according to availability of students and faculty.

Chamber auditions:
March 27th 4:30-5:30pm or March 29th 6-7pm