Summer Programs for Emerging Musicians

Sound and Silence 

June 29th-August 24th (no rehearsal July 6th)

Thursdays 6-7pm  $125

This student performance group focuses on building ensemble skills while playing songs in styles and genres that are popular with today’s youth.  Students will gain experience arranging, performing and improvising in a variety of musical styles. Open to vocal and instrumental students age 13 through adult who have at least 2 years’ experience and can read music.

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Teen & Adult Beginner Guitar Class 

Ages 14 and up

Mon & Wed · July 10th – August 2nd   · 7-8pm  $120

This guitar class will be a fun, introductory, crash-course on the guitar. Students will gain a basic understanding of proper technique, how to read notes, and how to play some chords. We will learn together by working on songs as a class, giving everyone the opportunity to provide the melody and the harmony. This class is not only a great way to begin learning the guitar, but also to begin learning how to make music with others. Requirements: A guitar, pics and a metronome. A limited number of guitars are available to rent for participants in this class. Please call (860)688-7707 to inquire about availability and rental rates. No prior guitar experience needed!

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Exploring Improvisation

violin ~ viola ~ cello ~  flute ~ guitar

July 24th-28th

Mon through Fri     6-7pm  $75

improvLearn some of the basics of improvisation and explore music as a creative adventure. Students will not only learn how to make music on the spot, they will also explore how scales and chords create the harmonic and melodic building blocks of music. Open to violin, viola, cello, flute and guitar students. String and flute students should have some note reading experience and be able to play A (violin), D and G major scales (violin, viola and cello). Guitar students should be able to play chords in first position.

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Voila! Viola for Violinists!  

August 7th -11th   

Mon through Fri   11:00am-12:00pm   $75

Violin students are invited to become a violist for one week. The viola is very similar to the violin, but it has a rich, captivating voice of its own. Did you ever wonder what it’s like to play the viola? Now is your chance.  Recommended for violin students in book 2 (or equivalent level) and reading all 4 strings in G major, D major and A major. 

Violas will be provided free of charge courtesy of Johnson String Instrument

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Bravura Chamber Music Workshop

flute ~ violin  ~  viola  ~  cello ~  bass 

August 7th – 11th    1:00 – 3:30pm  $215

Chamber music not only allows students to play in a group, but also allows each student to have his or her own unique voice within that group. Flute and string players of all levels are invited to join us as we delve into engaging and creative music which allows for exploration of harmony, texture and rhythm in an authentic chamber ensemble setting.  Students will spend time each day rehearsing in small groups.  A different aspect of musicianship will be explored each day through faculty coaching, group activities and peer learning experiences. The week will culminate with a performance on Friday, Aug. 11th at 4pm.

Students must have some music reading experience. Open to string students in the middle of Suzuki book 1 (or equivalent level) through advanced players. Ensembles will be grouped by age and ability. Flute students should be able to play in sharp and flat keys.

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