Suzuki Chamber Music Program

While it is important for students to play Suzuki repertoire in a group setting, once students reach a certain level, their ensemble experience should provide a deeper understanding of musical styles from all time periods. Suzuki students in book 3 and above at Sound Crossing participate in our Suzuki Chamber Program. This program consists of two groups:

appoggiaturaThe Appoggiatura Chamber Ensemble provides an early chamber music experience for Suzuki students in books 3 and 4.  In addition to polishing Suzuki repertoire in a group setting, students in Appoggiatura develop ensemble skills as they explore chamber music from a variety of musical eras. Students will be introduced to solfege and will develop a basic understanding of musical form as they discuss harmonic progression within the music they are playing.

The Vivace Chamber Ensemble deepens and expands the musical knowledge and experience for students in Suzuki book 5 and higher. Students will be challenged in all areas including polishing Suzuki and other solo repertoire, practice and performance of standard chamber repertoire, sight-reading, solfege, music theory, harmony and form. This program seeks to develop the student as a complete musician. A different musical era will be covered in depth each year. Students will gain skills in sight-reading in bass, alto and treble clefs and will apply these skill as they analyze musical scores.  Student involvement will be enhanced by online learning opportunities, master class and performance opportunities.

Participation in the Suzuki Chamber Music Program is included in Suzuki tuition and is required for all Suzuki students in book 3 and above.  Students who do not take Suzuki lessons at The Music School at Sound Crossing may join based on recommendation by a Suzuki teacher and audition. Please call (860)688-7707 for more information or to schedule an audition.

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